String Bikini

The string bikini is one of the most popular items in beachwear fashion, and they are worn by many women for a number of reasons. Showcasing one’s curves is surely one of these. String bikinis consist of two parts, a top which covers the breasts and a bottom to cover the groin and optionally buttocks. The shapes of each peice usually resembles that of womens underwear.

String Bikini Top & Bottom

String Bikini Top & Bottom

Here is a bit of history on the ever-popular two-piece. The one-piece was the main and popular wear during the 20th century’s first half. World War II forced a big change in the manufacturing trend – makers were forced to cut back on the fabrics used. Their answer was to cut the bathing suits into two, and the result was the two-piece.

It was Louis Reard, an engineer, who had the first patent for the two-piece, and he named it after an atoll used for bomb tests, which was known as Bikini. The beachwear “bikini” was born. This beachwear style gained a great deal of popularity in Europe, but it would take quite a long time before Americans would take a liking for this kind of swimwear.

Skimpier swimsuits

A lot of individuals want an even tan, and they wanted the smallest covering possible for their bodies. As such, the clamor resulted to the creation of string swimsuits. This kind of swimwear is made from triangular fabrics attached together by a string. Its top is made of two tiny trinagles of fabric that cover the wearer’s bust. There is a string that traverses the bottom of both pieces, which is to be tied around the user’s back, and strings at the triangle’s top which attach together at the nape. The bottom is made up of front and back triangles to cover the crotch and rear, and are then linked across the hip with strings.

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How to select the best fit

Take note that a lot of manufacturers have their own set of sizes, and thus, an A cup would not be uniform among various makers. The best way to get the perfect fit is to get your own measurements. After which, you could then compare it to the charts given by a swimsuit company.

To get the size for the top, measure the breasts at the fullest area. Make sure the tape is not too tight, just comfortably snug.

For the bottom, do the measurements around the hip section, again at the widest area. Do not forget that the elastic bands would give you some allowances in the size to be chosen. Another factor is how much or how little of your derriere are you willing to show in public?

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